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Recovery & Wellness

Recovery One Opening Hours:

Monday: 5pm - 10pm

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 5pm - 10pm

Thursday: 5pm - 10pm

Friday: 5pm - 10pm

Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Sunday: 9am - 1pm

Reformer One Opening Hours:

See Reformer One Timetable


Recovery One is an Athletic Recovery and Wellness Facility in Trim, Co.Meath.

We offer the use of our elite equipment to enhance the recovery of our customers.

The facilities at Recovery One can also help non-athletes with their overall wellness and relaxation.

Some of the benefits of our treatments at Recovery One include:

  • Detoxification 

  • Muscle Recovery

  • Increased Pain Threshold

  • Decreased Anxiety and Stress Levels

  • Clear and Tighter Skin

  • Improved Circulation

  • Fatigue Reduction

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Reformer One is our brand new Reformer Pilates Studio upstairs in Recovery One. It is the first of its kind in the Trim Area and offers people the chance to experience this immensely popular and low impact form of exercise that has become a huge hit around the world from celebrities and sports stars to people both young and old. A fantastic workout for those recovering from injury, looking to strengthen their core, improve posture and stabilise and support their spine and back.

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Find the Right One for You


Compression Therapy

With our Air Relax Compression Boots you can help reduce tissue inflammation and swelling whilst booting oxygen distribution and removing lactic active and metabolic waste from the body

Contrast Hydrotherapy

Alternate between our Hot Tub and Ice Bath to feel the full benefits of contrast bathing. Send a rush of blood to your muscles by moving between temperatures of 4 degrees to 40 degrees

Infrared Sauna

Feel the benefits of our Infrared Sauna such as clearer skin and improved circulation, and experience a serotonin hit similar to spending time out in the sun